Omni-channel Retail: Strategically selling on more than one sales platform at once.

The easiest way to think about omni-channel retail is the ability to generate revenue from multiple different sources. Direct to consumer (DTC) is perhaps the single most attractive channel today, it allows for potential unlimited revenue from billions of consumers & provides a way to break free of traditional retail channels. However paying attention to other sales channels, and becoming omni-channel can be a huge asset. Because at the end of the day £1 of revenue, is £1 of revenue. …

Why understanding the algorithms which underpin our digital world unlocks understanding of the impact of the internet on our physical world.

In the fall of 2014, Hong Kong saw the power and force by which online social media contains to disrupt the status quo. By leveraging social media, the average citizen has the ability to speak out against policy and diplomacy on a level far greater than one’s immediate professional or social circle; the whole world can listen. Four years on since the Umbrella Revolution, a new intangible force of social media has been leveraged to disrupt the status quo, the “algorithms”.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram et al generate personalisable experiences for users by leveraging intelligence generated by the algorithms…


In my November 2015 essay, “Smart Diplomacy and the Future of Diplomatic Undertaking,” published in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, I introduced a new form of diplomacy combining the soft and hard power ideas of smart power with the “employment of new technologies, public and private partnerships, as well as diaspora networks at the center of diplomacy.” This strategic re-envisioning of power as it applies to international relations is what I termed Smart Diplomacy. Smart Diplomacy and non-traditional security partnerships (NTSPs) are currently two separate concepts, but there is a strong argument for NTSPs as logical extensions of Smart…

21ST APRIL 2016

The United States (US) continued keenness on the continuity of the EU is due to a combination of economic, security interests and shared values.

The EU is the biggest single market for US export which accounts for more than 20% of total US exports, of which around 20% goes to the UK, 62% going to (Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy combined) and the rest to the remaining 22 countries of the EU. In comparison only 7% of total exports go to China. …

On the 23rd of June, the British people will vote in a referendum deciding to either remain or leave the European Union. In the event that the British public vote to leave the EU (Brexit), changes will be inevitable, which may impact the international influence the UK and the EU will have.

Language plays a fundamental role in influencing beyond one’s borders. The English language is the most commonly used language of EU institutions and in the event of Brexit it is likely that this will stay the case as English is so widely spoken and used internationally. …

2016 is set to be yet another challenging year for the International Community. We have listed our top 8 issues that we think will mark the 2016 Global Affairs Agenda and highlight their development and impact they may have on the coming years.


Despite its biggest breakthrough in 2014, IS showed clear signs of a slowdown in its expansion in 2015 -in fact IS lost territories during this year. With the formation of several alliances to defeat IS: That of Russia with Iran and the Assad’s Regime, that of the Gulf States, Turkey, Free Syrian army Rebels, that of the…

Professor Joseph Nye introduced the concept of Smart Power as a combination of coercive and soft power to achieve goals in international relations, arguing that neither soft nor hard power alone could produce effective foreign policy. Nye defined soft power as “the ability to affect others through the co-optive means of framing the agenda, persuading, and eliciting positive attraction in order to obtain preferred outcomes.” Hard power, on the other hand, is the use of economic and military means to influence other parties. While hard power by itself has failed to transform Iraq or Afghanistan into democratic, stable, and prosperous…


In addition to the saga of the UK’s Membership to the EU, there is a steady decline in the UK’s representation at senior levels in EU institutions. This has undermined London’s influence in Europe and its traditional role as a bridge between the US and Europe.

In relation to its share of the EU’s population (12.5%), the UK remains significantly under-represented among the staff of major EU institutions, and its presence continues to shrink. The number of UK nationals on the staff of the European Commission had fallen by 24% in seven years by 2013, and it stood…

The Ukraine Crisis Current Situation (2015)

  • The annexation of Crimea stands as “fait accompli”- no one is challenging it
  • Eastern Ukraine isolated by rebels from the rest of the country
  • Minsk Agreement II is active with heavy weaponry withdrawn and less violations of the cease fire
  • Although the withdrawal lines established, the cease fire is very fragile
  • Spread of corruption, crimes and disorder are significant across Ukraine (check this video from a British Business man based in Ukraine). The country is close to bankruptcy
  • More than 6000 deaths, more than 15000 injured and around a million refugees displaced to other…


The diminishing influence of UK in matters of international security can be seen especially in the Middle East with the lack of propositional role in Middle East peace process, the backlash of the controversial invasion of Iraq, lack of resources.

According to John Baron MP, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the House of Commons, the UK has made a series of errors in the region starting from the Iraq war and ending with intervention in Libya and the ongoing campaign against Daesh. …

Robert Hester

FMCG Professional, Tech Founder at Appreciate | | Social Entrepreneur | Co-Chair at the Global Governance Partnership

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